The method to our madness

We are much more than just a workout class. Work hard and play hard is our motto. We realize at life isn’t all about broccoli, supplements, and PR”s. Our Program has a little of everything which is just what you need!

Each class starts with a proper 10-15 warm-up which incorporates dynamic stretches
Next we’ll move on to the fun part, about 30-40 minutes of heard pounding, fat melting moves
Finally, we’ll wash it down with 5-10 minutes of stretching before we send you on your way

The “meat-and-potatoes” of our workouts

Resistance Training
Resistance training is the most efficient and quickest way to improve muscle endurance and strength. A stronger, more efficient body will allow you to perform everyday tasks with less effort and for longer periods of time.

Some of the many benefits of resistance training include:
* Reduced body fat
* Heightened metabolism
* Posture improvements/corrections
* Improved circulation
* Improved balance/coordination
* Improved bone density and strength
* Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

Often overlooked in an exercise program, stretching is crucial. Every strength training and aerobic exercise program causes our muscles to continuously flex and contract. Over time this causes muscles to shorten and range of motion in both your muscles and joints decreases. This will cause chronic pain, posture issues, injuries and many other problems. A regular stretching routine will lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

Benefits of stretching include:
* Increased flexibility
* Decreased risk of injury
* Postural improvements/corrections
* Increased range of motion
* Increased circulation

This is often one of the most neglected aspects of a sound workout program. Nutrition is the most important tool to improve your health and fitness. All of the cardiovascular exercise and resistance training imaginable will not combat a poor diet! Together we will work to improve your nutrition; it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. We must learn how to eat healthier in general and not just follow a fad diet. Clients will be held accountable by keeping food records using a food log/journal which we will go over weekly.

Cardiovascular Conditioning
Aerobic exercise is vital to improving your overall conditioning. The heart is the most important muscle that our bodies have. In order to efficiently improve its condition we need to engage in prolonged exercise the puts stress on our cardio-respiratory system (i.e. aerobic exercise). In order to efficiently reduce weight or more specifically reduce body fat, cardiovascular exercise is needed. Cardio can be boring and difficult to complete so I will introduce you to ways of making if fun and exciting!

Benefits include:
* Ability to burn high amount of calories
* Increased metabolism
* Decreased blood pressure
* Increased HDL (good) cholesterol and decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
* Increased heart and lung function
* Decreased depression, anxiety, and tension.

* all of these benefits combine to decrease the risk of heart disease which is the number one killer of both men and women in America!!!