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The next 8 Week Transformation Challenge May 1 – July 1 2017

We all need a challenge from time to time. Lets be honest, for most of us, self motivation can be a very difficult thing. Its no surprise that we respond better to challenges and competition, its just human nature. If you’ve been missing that challenge in your health or lacked the motivation and guidance to achieve your goals, then now is the time.

Work your way to the top for a chance to win some big cash. We will select the top 3 winners who will all receive a cash prize.
1st place $1000
2nd place $600
3rd place $400

This is a great opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and see what you’re made of. If you cant get to that certain fitness goal, here’s your reason to step-it-up. To be completely honest…this competition is not for the half hearted, un-motivated, and excuse making types. It’s for those of you who really want to make a change. We’ll give you the motivation, tools, guidance, and support that you need, but you must be willing to put in the work and commit to making progress!

The Details
2017: May 1- July 1

$69 entry fee (for current members) or
$299 for new members (8 weeks of group training and entry fee)

Why you’ll be successful
Detailed meal plans to follow
Cardio plan
Unlimited access to our outdoor workouts on Mission Bay
Body fat measurements
Before & after pictures
Consultation to map goals and effort
Access to private Facebook group for workouts, motivation, recipes, group fitness outings, etc
Nutrition information
24/7 support and guidance

What to expect
You get out what you put in!
Get in the best shape of your life
Expect to lose upwards of 30 lbs
Expect to work harder than you ever have before
Expect to make sacrifices during your 8 weeks
Its not going to be easy but it will be worth it!

How do I win?
Winners will be chosen by statistical results (body fat analysis), our opinions, & a peer vote (every transformation participant will vote).
The winner won’t necessarily be the one who loses the most weight. We’re looking for people who make the biggest transformation. That might mean weight loss, fat loss, habit changes, motivation, consistency, etc.

What makes davisfit different?
We’re not your typical overcrowded fitness class. We take pride in providing our clientele the best possible experience whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore fitness enthusiast. We design our workouts with this in mind making sure that they are both challenging and scalable for every level. We cap our classes at 25 in order to make sure each member gets the attention they deserve. You cant hide and you won’t be forgotten… this is what sets us apart. We provide the personal service that big gyms cant by giving you the direction, tools, and knowledge you need. Show up for your workouts, work hard, hold yourself accountable, and we’ll serve up the heart pumping, endurance driven, strength building workouts you need.

Now what?
Sign up using the buttons above or bring us cash/check
Once you’re signed up we will email you the details for measurements and getting set up.

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