# Eat regularly. Eat 5-6 small meals per day in order to keep your metabolism in check and keep your craving under control.
# Exercise. Exercise improves your mood, causes the release of endorphins and can help combat cravings.
# Relieve Stress. Don’t turn to food to relieve your worries, find a healthy way to relieve your stress such as a quick run or some yoga.
# Do NOT go to the grocery store hungry. You will buy things you don’t need and always overspend.
# Get rid of the bad stuff. If you have unhealthy/bad foods in your pantry, you will eat them, simple as that! So, in order to stay in control, don’t buy the food in the first place.
# Stay away from sugar. Refined sugars wind up in processed foods that lead to cravings.
# Stay away from processed, instant and pre-package foods. These all contain chemicals that will just make you more addicted to them.