Most structured diets or nutritional programs include the infamous “cheat day”. The question is whether or not you should really be cheating or how much cheating is too much? There are different ways to incorporate cheating into your diet and as expected there are positive and negative aspects to each side of the argument.

Cheating is usually done in one of two ways, the first is a cheat meal in which you are allowed one meal per week to eat whatever your heart desires. The second way to cheat is to have a cheat day which allows you to eat whatever you want for the entire day. Now, its hard to say which is better, but I always recommend a cheat meal as opposed to a cheat day. Those who use a cheat day tend to over indulge on food and will actually eat much more than was intended.

The psychological effects of a cheat meal are often more useful than the physiological effects. Knowing that you can have a cheat meal should keep you on track and in line for the rest of your meals throughout the week. It gives us a chance to satisfy cravings and enjoy something that may not necessarily be too healthy. Its a good way to keep your sanity and reward yourself for having a great week of clean eating. Just make sure that your cheat meal is just that, a meal. Don’t let that meal carry over to the next meal or the next day or you will find yourself playing catch up!