Davis really cares, listens and helps you achieve your goals!

I had 6 weeks until my wedding date and he made a HUGE change in my body within that time frame. He formed a personalized work-out regime for me and together I leaned down and toned up! With weekly pictures and measurements we cataloged my results – which gave me great motivation as I could really see the great progress we were making. All along the way Davis ensured that I was fully informed as to what the focus area and intent of each exercise was, and he provided me with a very well rounded meal plan to receive an even better outcome.

Davis makes his clients feel very comfortable and has an educated answer for any question thrown at him – and I had lots of questions. 😉 Davis was a true professional and really cared about helping me to reach my goals. He was also motivational and gave me the needed encouragement to finish up those last reps! If you are looking for someone that is super knowledgeable and friendly but definitely tough enough to kick you into shape… Davis is it! – With Davis you REALLY can achieve the body and healthy lifestyle you desire!

Alexis Powell

“I cannot say enough good things about Davis!

Davis is different because he gets results. He really knows what he’s doing. If you follow the bootcamps and diet you will lose weight. I was always confident in the way I looked, and never really sought out to lose weight, I was really just looking for a fun and different workout to challenge myself.

It’s been 3 years since I started with Davis, and am proud to say I’ve lost 30 pounds and am in the best shape of my life thanks to his workouts. I’m truly addicted, and honestly feel that my day is incomplete if I miss one of his bootcamps.

It’s actually a lot of fun, and my day just isn’t complete without one of his workouts. They go by fast, the crowd is great (and super diverse, so don’t be intimidated that it’s a “Boot Camp” style workout, everyone gets through them!) oh, and Davis has the cutest little Pomeranian EVER who visits regularly.

I’ve been to every bootcamp and every gym in San Diego, and his is by far the best in the area. He has a customer for life- if you haven’t tried it yet,you are missing out on your full fitness potential, and a good time too.”

Emmy Bertocci

Davis is a true professional in the fitness and health industry! I trained with him for my wedding and he had me in the best shape of my life. He was patient, helpful but most of all effective and drove me beyond my limit without the yelling and screaming you see from some trainers. He is very motivating and has a realistic approach to fitness and diet. You will not be disappointed with Davis whether it be his rigorous and highly effective boot camps or one-on-one personal sessions. The best in San Diego!

Audrey Patterson

Sales Rep

Davis is one of the best trainers I know. He not only teaches you proper techniques and training tactics, but also motivates you to be the best version of yourself. His passion mixed with compassion for others to promote physical health is inspiring. He himself is a testament of dedication to fitness, and understands the motto “everything in moderation”. A trainer who doesn’t provide you with the tools to be successful on your own is not a great trainer. Davis doesn’t want you to be reliant on him; but wants you to find your inner strength, and aid you to achieving own personal goals. Davis differs from others in that he desires you to take control of your own health and strength. He will encourage, push, and hold you accountable for when life throws you curve balls. He tailors each session to ensure you remain on the right path to wellness. To be in control of your health and fitness when completing training with Davis is more than anyone could ask for- it has no price. Training with Davis has been a pleasure and a physical challenge! I am thankful for all that I have learned from working with Davis, the strength I have obtained, and for making a great friend in the process.

Megan Bendinelli

“I had an epiphany after my first week of class. What I thought was a good workout to get into shape was nowhere close to being as effective as this. My thoughts of boot-camp were distorted from my first trip through, shaven head and all. But I quickly learned that Davis’s techniques utilized encouragement over pushing. Classes are difficult but fun, and being outside is icing on the cake. Nothing is more inspiring as seeing the person right next to you, going though it too (especially when they’re half your size). The comradely is unlike other places; many of us get together outside of class just to hang out. Its hard to go back to a gym now, this is my obsession. Oh, and having to shop for new clothes that fit isn’t all that bad.”

Rick Jack

“I’ve never thought I was out of shape, nor did I think I was overweight. As you get older, somehow the pounds seem to multiply at warp speed. Next thing you know, you look in the mirror and say “how can I cover this up?” My husband and I have a gym membership, and have had it for several years, however our motivation was lacking. We didn’t know how to work out. If we sweat, then we thought we were magically going to shed pounds.

Then one day I saw a Groupon for DavisFit. I told Rick, “lets do this for one month and see how we like it”. No lie, he truly kicked our ass!! I hated it, but loved it at the same time. But after that first month I could feel and see change. It was not in the weight loss, but in my energy level, the way my clothes fit, my brainpower, and the camaraderie in the group of people working out along side of us. There were all types of people in the class, and I didn’t feel intimidated by my peers. Davis is great at motivating without humiliating. He is positive, knowledgeable and will help you to reach whatever goal you want to accomplish. I was not losing weight at all, but after 3 months, and discussing my eating habits and nutrition it started falling off. Rick and I have been with Davis for almost 3 years now. I’m 51 and lost 20lbs since starting. I know for a fact that would have never happened without DavisFit

Sandy Jack

When I started training with Davis about a year ago (Oct 2011) I had bottomed out physically and my options were to either buy new clothes or get back into shape. I went from a size 12 down to a size 4 in less than 12 months, and there is no way I could have done it without Davis!

Even though I fit into my “skinny” clothes again and am now comfortable navigating the gym, I continue to train with Davis because of the motivation and accountability he provides. He is a natural teacher (equipment, form, nutrition plans, workout strategy, etc.). I didn’t realize it at the time, but Davis would layer small changes week after week to my diet and workout routines. Before I knew it my habits had done a 180 for the better and they are actually sustainable.

Davis is awesome at “reading me” and continues to adapt workouts as I develop. He keeps me on my toes and no 2 sessions are ever the same. It has been encouraging to literally see the results with decreased body fat and killer muscle tone, but the feeling that comes with a healthier lifestyle is even more rewarding. I have continued to do one-on-one training but his bootcamp is awesome and will kick you into shape too!

Jessa Carson

For almost 2 years, I bounced around several different boot camps and crossfit gyms. There were good and bad aspects to all of them, but I was not able to find one that offered the right mix of proper instruction, personal attention, intensity, muscular, and cardio training until I tried out Davis Fit. Have not had an easy workout yet, but unlike some of the others I always feel that I got a good workout. Liked it so much, I actually committed to a long term contract at regular price, which is atypical for me. Definitely worth it though.

Shawn Lee

Who knew that I would not only enjoy but look forward to bootcamp at 6:15am?!!

Davis is an excellent trainer and a warm and personable guy.

So many people neglect going to fitness bootcamps because they feel self conscious or foolish. From day one I felt comfortable with Davis. He runs the bootcamp with a positive energy. He’s equal parts demanding and understanding. If you have limitations –no problem– he’ll help you work through them and design alternative moves to allow you to flourish and get results.

I went to bootcamp for a month and made slight changes to my diet. Halfway into it the pounds just came off, I had more energy and my heartburn went away. I’m about to sign up for more.

Honestly, I just show up, do what he says and get a better workout than I ever did on my own. But my favorite thing about DavisFit bootcamp is that the morning session is at 6:15 and not 6:00. Trust me, it’s a huge difference. You’ll see.

I recommend DavisFit and although I have only participated in his bootcamp I am confident that all his services are top notch.

Tan Tran

I joined DavisFit at 221 lbs, and after 4.5 months of hard work and motivation from not only Davis himself but also my fellow boot campers I was able to drop down to 181lbs. Davis knows how to get results and actually cared enough to answer every question I had to help better my self and reach my fitness goals. The atmosphere at his workouts is fun and also challenging. Challenging meaning no matter where you are physically the workout is for you. None of the workouts are to hard nor to easy. The best thing about going to these boot camps was the consistency of being pushed and also that ever twirl out was different and fun. With workouts being fun you will want to go back, and trust me with this group of people you will want to do it twice a day every day. So please everyone don’t be shy you will be welcomed with open arms and a great group of people when you sign up and go to that first class.

Thank you DavisFit for getting me where I wanted to be.

Brady Hoggins

I started going to Davis Fit 2 months ago. I have been an avid worker-outer for years although 3 years ago I relocated to SD and have never been able to find my mojo. I have worked out at countless gyms, done various programs and tried different bootcamps all the while gaining weight and losing what was once a good physique. I was unmotivated and pretty disgusted. Then, I went to the doctor and they weighed me! That was it! I contacted Davis that night and started the next day. In the 8 weeks I have been going (consistently) my endurance has improved a lot, I feel tighter, not nearly so “blotted or jiggly” and have managed to lose over 3% body fat. Davis’s workout are hard, but he will modify if you need it, push you when HE knows you can do it. He applies the right amount of pressure with out intimidating you and you wanting to run for the hills. I have never done the same workout more the once either. He usually has a decent group, sex and age vary so if your wondering if you will fit in rest assure we are all there because we think we need to be:) so, you are in the same boat as everyone else! What impressed me the most when I started was I would ask various people how long they have been coming and numerous people said 3 or so years! To have that retention here in SD, where trainers and bootcamps are popping up every where is impressive! After my initial 4weeks I committed to 6 months. After almost 3 years of jumping around I think I found the right fit for me

Anthony Santacroce

Finally motivated to work out again! It’s fun and I get back in shape. Super cool people in the group. I don’t even mind getting up early …… Usually 😉
No matter how good in shape or how out of shape you are. He’ll have the right workout for you.
I did lots of different workouts and sports in my life, but if it wasn’t team sports like basketball or football there was no way I’m motivated to go for more than 2 weeks. Davis gave me the chance to workout with other people who are fun and pushes me to my personal limit which increases every week. I love seeing this progress and I’m going into my fourth month now (not giving up after 2 weeks). Finally found the best workout for myself that I can easily do BEFORE OR AFTER WORK.

Dennie Whiteside