The Activity Challenge 

October 5th – November 16th, 2019

We live in Sunny San Diego…the perfect place to get outside and be active.

This challenge has both individual and group oriented components.  Why? Because doing things with other humans is fun, motivating, and more effective.

We designed this challenge to promote movement and activity with friends.  Let’s face it, doing things with friends is just more fun.  So grab some friends and let’s see what you’re made of.

It’s a point based system.  Complete the activities and team challenges and get points for your team.  If your team is more active and tougher than the rest, you win.

The Activities and Team Challenges

We’ve created a list of fitness oriented “activities” and short, ass-kicking “Team Challenges” to get you motivated, sweating and most importantly enjoy this lifestyle.  These aren’t meant to be an easy stroll in the park or walk with the dog.  Some activities are harder than others.

Why?  Why not?  Because the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment when you conquer something difficult is unforgettable.  Because you should get out of your comfort zone, do something different, meet new people.

Individual Challenges

South Fortuna Loop: 10x pts

South Fortuna “LOOP” in mission gorge .  This hike is 5.8 miles total.  Route info

Urban Run - 7 Bridges San Diego: 10x pts

This 5.5-mile urban run spans some of the city’s finest canyons, parks, museums, and more. Route info

5 minute plank: 15x pts

You’ve got 6 weeks to work on your core strength.  Set a goal and make it happen.  Here’s a simple plan. 

4 Mile Run: 10x pts

4 miles under 40 minutes.  Easy day.

davisfit workout = 1 point

Consistence is the key.  Each davisfit class you attend gets you 1 point in your bucket.

8 Mile Run: 15x pts

8 miles.  Easy, nope…but you can do it. No walking

200 Mile Activity Tracker: 15 pts

Any fitness tracker will work. Walk/run/crawl a minimum of 200 miles during the 6 week challenge.  Thats approximately 4.75 miles/day or about 10k steps/day.

Take the FBI fitness test

Pass the standard fitness test used by the FBI and most federal law enforcement agencies.  Scores are based on performance.  This test will consist of situps, pushups, 300m sprint, & 1.5 mile run. Test will be run on 10/19 and 11/9.  Click here for the scoring chart

Mount Woodson (Potato Chip Rock): 10x pts

Also known as “Potato Chip Rock”. It’s an 8 mile roundtrip hike to one of San Diego’s most iconic spots. Route info

Team Challenges

80 Stairs: 20x pts

Just like the title says.  Do all 80 by yourself or grab your teammates and break up the suffering to get these 20 points.

1200 Squats: 20x pts

Nothing better than good old squats.  No 1/2 reps on this one.  You must break parallel for the rep to count.  Complete 1200 reps as a team.

Lose 40lbs as a team: 40x pts

Lose 40 lbs combined as a team and you get double the points.  20 points for losing 20lbs and another 20 points for making it to 40lbs.  Crush this challenge and your team is gonna be hard to beat.

Cowls Mountain with 80 lbs of Weights: 20x pts

You’re going to want the whole team on this one.  Get 80 lbs of weights (dumbbells, weight plate, sand bag, etc) up to the top and back down with your team. Use a backpack or haul the kids up!  

600 Burpees: 20x pts

Suck it up buttercup.  Grab your teammates and get burping.  Break it up however you want but it must be done in one sitting.


1.5 Mile Lunge: 20x pts

Yes, we are serious.  It’s gonna take some time and your legs might be a bit sore the next day, but it can be done.  The rules are simple: as a team you must lunge for 1.5 miles.

Team Plank: 10x pts

This challenge can be attempted as many times as you want.  Get your full team and see how long you can hold.  Keep upping the anti and add time as the weeks pass by.

Lose 20lbs as a team: 20x pts

Lose 20 lbs combined as a team.  

1000 Sit-ups: 20x pts

Have a partner hold your feet.  Shoulder blades must touch the ground before completeing the next situp.  Hands must stay on opposite shoulders.  Elbows to your knees on each rep. 

Team Happy Hour: 10x pts

Yup, you are reading this right.  Kill a challenge with your team and then celebrate. 

750 Pushups: 20x pts

I mean, who doesn’t love pushups.  Must be done in 1 sitting with your team and yes, you have to do full pushups.  You know how much we hate half reps at davisfit.


How exactly does the challenge work?

This challenge is all about getting outside and moving…Being active. All challengers are divided into small groups.  The groups will compete against each other to determine who is the most dedicated and active. We use a point based system based on “Activities,” and “Team Challenges,.”

Does our whole team need to complete the "Team Challenges" together?

Nope, not at all. Although you should and I’d imagine you want to. The more people you have to complete each “Team Challenge” the easier it will be, but we don’t want to handicap teams just because of a bad apples. You can do 500 burpees yourself if you want, but It will be a lot more practical with 4 other team members.

How does the point system work?

All the points go into your “team point bucket”. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins. Each “Individual Activity” is worth 10 points (per person for completion), each “Team Challenge” is worth 20 points (for the group). davisfit workouts are worth 1 point (each person). For example, if you have a group of 5 and 4 out of the 5 complete the 6 mile run, your team would get 40 out of 50 possible points.

How do we submit for points?

In order to get credit for your activities you need to take pictures and/or keep an “electronic log”. For example, take a picture at the top of your hike. There are many smart phone apps that track activity and map routes (Map My Run).  Apple watches are great, Garmin, etc. We need proof for each person. A picture needs to have everyone requesting points. Once each activity is complete you can submit individually or as a group to

How do we record points for the "Team challenges"
The “Team Challenges” are designed to be done before or after davisfit class, although you can do them whenever. For these challenges, we are on the honor system. Each team captain will submit a SHORT VIDEO of their team doing the challenge. As far as reps, it’s up to the captain and the team to be honest. We’re all adults here (most of the time) so it’s assumed that if you joined this challenge your goal was not to cheat yourself.
How do we complete/count the "Group Challenges"
Most of the Group Challenges are for reps. All the reps need to be completed in one sitting. Meaning if you want to tackle one of these challenge after class one day, you need to do all of the reps at one time. You can’t come back hours or days later to complete. It’s all or nothing
How does the "Team Plank Challenge" work?
The team that can hold a plank the longest wins. You can try this challenge as many times (as a team) as you want. Each attempt we will record your time but if another team beats you, then you go to the back of the line. EVERYONE on the team has to start together and when the first team member drops the clock stops. You’re only as strong as the weakest link.
1.5 mile lunge? Are you crazy?

Remember…this is a team challenge. Your team must lunge for 1.5 miles. Technically, only one person has to lunge at a time, but you need to have someone on the team lunging for the entire distance. Similar to a Ragnar race, everyone contributes as a team to get this done. Take turns and share the pain.

What if I can’t do all of the challenges?

No worries.  It’s likely that not everyone will be able to complete ALL of the challenges. Just do your best to get as many points as you can to help your team (and yourself).